Construction Safety Week 2021


Construction Safety Week is an opportunity for the construction industry to come together to build a strong safety culture and focus on our commitment to safety. Throughout the week of May 3rd, we focused on the importance of the physical and mental health of our workers on the jobsite. 

Staying safe goes beyond wearing the proper PPE. Outside struggles such as, stress, anxiety, financial concerns, or depression can lead to unpreparedness, distraction, and miscommunication on the job. In order to avoid injuries, we are committed to creating a physically and mentally safe work environment for all our Mechanical Professionals. 

Based on this year's theme of mental health awareness, here are some ways to ensure you are mentally and physically prepared when on a jobsite:

- Be Present, Be Focused 

  • Eliminate distractions from physical work area

  • Identify any personal concerns that are causing you to not be fully present; talk to your supervisor so they can help address them

- Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

  • Embrace a caring culture within the workplace

  • Take genuine interest in team members' well-being

  • Daily stretches 

  • Adequate exercise and balanced diet

  • Stay hydrated

- Be Relentless

  • Full PPE 100% of the time

  • Monitoring risk at all times

- Be Safe, Be Well Rested 

  • Keep sleep routine consistent

  • Aim for 8+ hours of sleep a night

Billy Dotson, Great Lakes Mechanical's Safety Director, works hard every day to ensure our Mechanical Professionals enter a safe work environment every day, on every jobsite. We asked him why safety is important to him.

"Safety is the most important step in any project. It makes me feel good knowing that I am a part of that process. I believe that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper, a simple reminder can make all the difference in someone going home to their family and friends or to a hospital. I am thankful to work for a company that always puts safety at the forefront of all that we do.  Our motto is “Safety Always” and I will continue to drive this idea in hopes of eliminating all work place injuries." 


To spread construction safety awareness, our Mechanical Professionals had family members color in the proper PPE needed on every jobsite. Check out some of the outstanding work they created! 




Muraszewski Family

At Great Lakes Mechanical, our every day goal is to have all our employees go home to their families with no injuries. We had our Mechanical Professionals take the time to show us why it's important to them that they work safely at all times.