Christian Financial Credit Union

Office Buildings

General Contractor:
Thompson-Pheland Group

Sterling Heights, MI

Project Size:
40,000 sq. ft.

Great Lakes Mechanical was awarded this 40,000 square-foot facility by Thompson-Pheland Group, Inc. This project was on a tight timeframe to be complete in 18 months. Therefore, because of the time constraints, uncharacteristically this building was not involved in BIM. Everything on this project was field-measured and drawn. Thanks to our seasoned GLM team, we installed the duct work well ahead of schedule, making the Thomas-Pheland team very happy due to the project's tight time frame. Our Service Department was also awarded a 5-year service contract on this project where they change our filters, complete CSD-1 inspections, and more.


The office employs about 100 people, who manage 61,000 Christian Financial members. The 8.5-acre site contains a walking trail, an apple orchard, and four diverse interior wings. With a hospitality dining center, a coffee café, and a beach-themed collaborative meeting space, this company ensures a work environment that balances relaxation with productivity. Great Lakes Mechanical was proud to be a part of this job!