Project Mercury


General Contractor:
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Romulus, MI

Project Size:
199,821 sq. ft.

Great Lakes Mechanical was awarded this job by Ryan Companies US, Inc. This job was for a brand-new Amazon Fulfillment Center that now employs over .... employees. For this project, our Great Lakes Mechanical team had help from the MidWest Helicopter Company to lift 119 picks onto the 859,000 sq. ft. roof. Through preplanning, the roof was prepared the day before for the picks.


The day of the lift, 2 crews of 5 men each (5 on the ground and 5 on the roof) worked in tandem to ensure a smooth operation, despite challenges of frigid temperatures that were 15 degrees before wind chill and visibility delays because of Visual Flight Rules dictating a minimum of 3 mile visibility. In total, 211,500 pounds of equipment was lifted flawlessly in one day. Check out some clips of the lift below!