MDAHS Laundry Facility


General Contractor:
Granger Construction

Detroit, MI

Project Size:
115,000 sq. ft.

Great Lakes Mechanical was awarded this job by Granger Construction. This facility employs about 150 staff members and has opened 75 additional work opportunities for new hires. It has the ability to clean about 78 million pounds of healthcare linens each year, which is four times more than the previous facility.


Our team started this project in August of 2019, GLM was the lead BIM coordinator for all MEP trades. The coordination process was made more challenging as the facility uses a monorail conveying system that transports large swinging bags of clean and soiled laundry from station to station throughout the plant. Our BIM team was able to layout the MEP work with the tight tolerances needed to make the conveyor system work without interference. GLM worked closely with Granger as this project had many RFI's and changes discovered during modeling.


This was one of the few projects that was excluded from Governor Whitmer's COVID-19 shutdown order. We had to maintain manpower in order to keep the job on schedule. The pandemic made this project even more important due to the increase in laundry loads from the hospitals. Great Lakes Mechanical was able to complete the scope and allow the laundry facility to open early. Our Foreman Chris Patroske lead our team of Mechanical Professionals. They are true example of GLM’s safety culture with the project ending with 4,674 field hours and no injuries, accidents, or safety violations during a pandemic, when most people were required to stay home and safe.

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