Safety at Great Lakes Mechanical takes priority over all else.  We know that our most valuable asset is our employees. We want everyone that works or visits our jobsites to have the comfort of knowing that the environment they enter is as safe as we can make it.

We instill in our employees that safety is everyone's responsibility. Taking the time to complete a hazard review of the jobsite, and planned daily tasks is the first essential step in any project we begin. We want everyone to go home to their families the same way they arrived to work.


Our mission statement is simple:


Members of MCA, ISNETWORLD with an A rating




We promise to issue leadership professionals that continuously set an example to the workforce for top safety protocols on all projects.


We promise to work together to share information, reinforce safety etiquette, and constantly communicate openly.

Proactive Practices

We promise to create and follow practices that are preventative to unsafe procedures.

Great Lakes Mechanical is at the forefront for providing a safe working environment for all employees and everyone on the project. We utilize an advanced safety program with a commitment to training and continuous improvements to accomplish the ultimate goal of zero incidents. Great Lakes Mechanical is proud to hold an industry leading safety record. 


EMR: 0.89

Dart: 0

RIR: 0

Man Hours: 212,944


EMR: 0.76

Dart: 1.02

RIR: 1.02

Man Hours: 196,046


EMR: 0.70

Dart: 1.80

RIR: 2.71

Man Hours: 211,247

Billy Dotson

Director of Safety

Billy is our Director of Safety. He joined the GLM team in September 2014, where he made an immediate impact on all our safety programs and metrics. He led GLM to our first injury free year in 2016. Prior to working with GLM, Billy was the Fire Safety supervisor for GM Warren Tech Center.
In addition to developing site-specific safety plans for GLM's projects, he manages safety for all our projects.